fredag 26 juli 2013

Mittens - The tree

Next pair of mittens on the needles. The pattern is another one of my own. The tree.

This is the try out mitten with white base and the tree in dark grey. My plan is to make them with the tree in green.

I also try to knit with needles no 2. Small, but the stitches get very snug.
This time I try a checked pattern for the palm of the hand, with dark grey as the dominant colour. White doesn't go very well with insides, I reckon.


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måndag 22 juli 2013

Litl beanie for kotten

Size: 9 mths
Yarn: Søstrene Grene

CO 6.
K seven rows in the round.
Increase 6 every other row 9 times.
K until the hat measures 20 cm.
BO (elastic).

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onsdag 17 juli 2013

Fair Isle mittens - for Christmas

I'm working with the Christmas gifts. Early bird catches... and so on.

My first pattern consists of polka dots. I use a grey yarn, Rauma Finullgarn, and a tutti frutti coloured yarn that I dyed with egg colouring this winter.

When I knit one of each colour the knitting gets more narrow, as here on the palm side of the mittens. The outside kind if bulges out a bit.

So I chose to go another way with the next pair. The red ones.

With thin stripes on the palm side the both sides are more even.

Oddly enough the red polka mittens are much more tightly knit on the whole than the tutti frutti ones. Weird.

Anyhow. I have designed four more patterns (folklore, tree, dolphin and sheep) so I have a lot of mittens to knit to work out the gauge mystery.


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tisdag 9 juli 2013

The most beautiful shawl ever

So the bits-and-pieces shawl is finished. And it is the most beautiful shawl I have ever made.
It is the west coast islands of Sweden and granite and at the same time an old rag rug.

I simply love it. It is made from really, really chunky and soft yarn, some of it Drops Andes and some Drops Love You and some German yarn I bought a couple of years ago.

And serendipity made it all come out this nice.


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African flower

Sitting on the lawn with a bunch of my big family. And some African flowers poppy style.


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onsdag 3 juli 2013

Easiest shawl ever

I am continuing my finish up and use what you have project with som sorting of the stash. So I found out that there was some really bulky scrap yarn and I figured it will be enough for a shawl.

I use the easiest shawl pattern ever. I call it The bottom up no fuzz pattern.

CO 4
1: K4
2: K2 INCR1 K2
3: lift1 K1 INCR1 K to end of row
4 and all other: Repeat 3.

This way you just have to remember one thing: Increase in the beginning of each row. And maybe one thing more: Change the yarn on the same side of the shawl. Or use a self striping yarn.

Now, as you can see from the picture, this pattern creates a more defined increase on the right hand side of the shawl no matter which side is out.

If you want to have the exact same increase line on both right and left hand side, you need to do the increases in the beginning and the end of a row and knit the next without any increases.

Personally I find the easy to remember increase in the beginning of each row better.


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