tisdag 29 oktober 2013

The Knitting and Crochet Bible

(Just a question. Is there anybody out there that follows my blog and actually wants me to continue writing in English? Then please leave a comment. Please?)

So, we're in London and I found this handbook that really seems to be what the title says, a bible.

I am usually the kind of knitter that likes to look up things on the internet. But sometimes the analogue really fits me the best. The only thing is that I haven't had any really good reference book on knitting, or crochet for that matter. But this is The One.

For only £ 19.99 I get chapter and verse on things like bobbins, smocking, popcorns, the lazy daisy stitch and some weird crochet techniques called "Bullion stitches and clones knots". Fancy that.

And unlike many other books with the same aspirations, this book makes me want to sit and read about knitting. As weird as it sounds.

Bye-bye then.


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söndag 6 oktober 2013

Two skein socks

Yarn: Drops Big Fabel
Colour: 200
Toe up, CO 10, increase to 42.

The thin cables (just one knit over the other and a purl in between) are so soft when you walk around on a cold floor!
To get them all the way up to the knee (and maybe longer), you would need 200 + 200 g though.

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