söndag 20 februari 2011

Summer Stripes – finished

Summer Stripes – full length
I changed my mind. I'm not going to sell this one. Dear Daughter S in Umeå got all amazed, so this shawl will find its way up the country to help her cope with the rest of the winter.


torsdag 17 februari 2011

Summer Stripes – waiting

I can't help myself. Here it is again. Waiting.

Summer Stripes shawl – almost there

Summer Stripes shawl – in progress Originally uploaded by Maia Andréasson

This weekend I will be blocking again. My Summer Stripes shawl is completed. And the photo is just a teaser. The shawl is lovely, and will be for sale.


måndag 14 februari 2011

Valentine's Day

1000001077 Originally uploaded by Maia Andréasson

Dear daughter A (to the right) and dear niece E (to the left) spent some time crocheting Valentine's Day's hearts today.

Summer Stripes shawl – in progress

Some progress made on the Summer Stripes. It looks small, but blocked it will be bigger.

I'm also thinking of adding a flimsy flounce at the bottom. But I don't know... Wouldn't that take some of the character away from it? What do you think?


Out of season?

1000001072 Originally uploaded by Maia Andréasson
While the girls were working on their crocheted hearts, Valentine's Day as it is, I instead made an eyeball.
Is this the start of my own anatomy crochet line of design? I don't think so, but it was fun. It was. Really!

söndag 13 februari 2011

Summer Stripes shawl

Summer Stripes shawl Originally uploaded by Maia Andréasson

I organized my stash yesterday and found out that there was some nice wool to make a summer shawl, reminding a little of the Fisherman's sweater that Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking) had.

I just had to get started, so now I have three shawls in progress.

One is crocheted, so that project I have to keep my eyes on while working, the other one, the IceCream Sampler, is lace. Eyes down there too. This one on the other hand is stockinette all over. I could work it while taking a walk. Sometimes you need that kind of easy going projects.


lördag 12 februari 2011

Red Gull, follow up

Red Gull
Originally uploaded by Maia Andréasson

And there it is. My shawl. My beautiful Andes shawl. I'm quite content.


Blocking mat – not exercise mat

When we went to Coop Kållered last week I got this exercise mat. I heard from others that this kind of mat is excellent for blocking knitted projects, and since I spent all last weekend blocking shawls quite badly on towels, I felt lucky to find one of these in my nearest store.

Can't wait to try it out. I'm knitting away!


IceCream Sampler, Spring 2011

In spring, the ice-cream producer Glace-Bolaget, G-B, launches their new collection of ice-creams. It's always a little thrill to go to the store one of the first sunny days in spring, buy one of the new flavours and eat it leaning at a warm brick wall, pretending that summer is not that far away.
My present knitting project is named after that feeling. I had some very spring-like colours in my stash of cotton (Marks & Kattens Flox, colours: 1825, 1760, 1758, 1822), originally bought for crocheting, and started off. As it turned out it also became a lace sampler.

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. And with this thin yarn I don't have the energy to fix it.
IceCream Sampler, spring 2011
The second row of turquoise was supposed to be in English Mesh Lace (like this) but I kind off displaced the holes. Better luck next time.

For all you Ravelry members out there: Here's the project page.


PS. The photo makes the colours look funny, and the lemony yellow and the pistachio green look quite alike here. In real life they are quite different.

tisdag 8 februari 2011

Sy- och handarbetsmässa!

Jag vill gå på sy- och inspirationsmässa känner jag. Det skulle jag vilja. Just efter jag kommer hem från en jobbresa också. Och om jag länkar till roliga Krokningsbloggen lottar coola Gudrun ut biljetter. Jag vill gå ändå, men det är ju klart att man vill vara med på en utlottning.

Vem följer med?


PS. Sorry, this blog post is about a fair in Sweden. Hence, it is in Swedish.

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söndag 6 februari 2011

Red gull in Andes

This has been a finishing and blocking weekend indeed. So, to round up, here is my dark red gullwing shawl, all spread out.
It is made from the thick 3946 Andes yarn from Drops (bought at Deisy design, still on sale!) and the main pattern is gullwings and rows with reverse stockinette stitches.
 The edging is pointy and lacey, as usual.
And this is how it came out. Now, this one I am pretty sure I will keep for myself.


Blåvinge av Raggi

I didn't believe this shawl would come out this pretty, but look the Sunday morning blocking is coming out.

I name the shawl Blåvinge - blue wing - because of the wing like bows.

And the tips of the lace edging do also remind me of the tips of birds' wings.

The yarn is Raggi (city beige/brown/blue 1531), so the shawl is easier to wash than most of my more delicate projects.


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lördag 5 februari 2011

Gold with Clovis edging

I had 200 grammes of the fluffy golden yarn, but that was not enough. The castoff is a little too tight.

I've tried to work around this with some serious blocking. We'll just have to see what happens.


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