lördag 12 februari 2011

IceCream Sampler, Spring 2011

In spring, the ice-cream producer Glace-Bolaget, G-B, launches their new collection of ice-creams. It's always a little thrill to go to the store one of the first sunny days in spring, buy one of the new flavours and eat it leaning at a warm brick wall, pretending that summer is not that far away.
My present knitting project is named after that feeling. I had some very spring-like colours in my stash of cotton (Marks & Kattens Flox, colours: 1825, 1760, 1758, 1822), originally bought for crocheting, and started off. As it turned out it also became a lace sampler.

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. And with this thin yarn I don't have the energy to fix it.
IceCream Sampler, spring 2011
The second row of turquoise was supposed to be in English Mesh Lace (like this) but I kind off displaced the holes. Better luck next time.

For all you Ravelry members out there: Here's the project page.


PS. The photo makes the colours look funny, and the lemony yellow and the pistachio green look quite alike here. In real life they are quite different.

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