lördag 29 januari 2011

onsdag 19 januari 2011

Fat red lace shawl in progress

I am currently totally stuck with the gull wing lace pattern. When I visited Deisy design the other day there was really good introductory price on Drops Andes, a thick 65% wool/35 % alpacka in 100 g balls.

So I am knitting yet another shawl in colour 3946, a dark, warm, red nuance.

Interesting conflict between the thick yarn and the lace.


måndag 17 januari 2011

Gray Gull beanie

The leftovers from the Clovis shawl became a small beanie that my mother quickly adopted when I finished it at her apartment tonight. Gull wings lace.

"This is great! I left my other beanie in a taxi the other day!"

söndag 16 januari 2011


In my last post I linked to the Knitting Ninja and her beautiful Clothilde shawl. Anyhow, there's no reason for me to buy the pattern. I like patterns but I never ever manage to follow one.  So, I just got some wool mix and started to figure out how to accomplish something similar to her gorgeous project.

The lace at the bottom though, came out completely different, and for that reason I name it Clovis, the husband of Clotilde, and the first christian king of France.

Just look at the leaf like lace at the bottom of the shawl. I really like how they turned out.

And here's the whole shawl spread out to dry on some red towels. Interested? This shawl will be for sale.


söndag 9 januari 2011

Linking to dreams

In the sidebar to the right I have added a new item: Things to make on a rainy day. There I will collect some of the patterns and techniques I want to try out some day.

One of the links that you really need to check out is the Clothilde shawl by the Knitting Ninja (click the link). I usually don't work my knitting projects from written patterns, but this time I really think I need to reconsider.

Saint Clothilde


torsdag 6 januari 2011

Knitting in progress

Game night yesterday and some progress on the Raggi shawl.


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onsdag 5 januari 2011

From thinny to faaaaat

As I said in the last post, I started a new shawl with some leftovers from dear sister's beanie and shawl project. But I just kept making up new kinds of lace and stuff with this super, super thin alpaca and everything got tangled and difficult and the yarn was too dark for me to work with all this new stuff, so I decided to leave it. Got out some more of the nice fat Raggi I had in the stash, and felt better the minute I started. We are going to play games with friends tonight and I need something easygoing. 


måndag 3 januari 2011

I wonder...

Yesterday, I finished two a beanie for my dear sister A in a beautiful greenish blue alpacka. Very thin yarn, but I used fairly big needles and knitted on the round, so it was kind of a reader's knitting. You can read and almost even walk around while knitting.

I had some yarn left, so I started another project. This time with Twiggy thin needles. And lace knitting.

Remind me that dark colours and thin needles are a bad combination for lace. You don't ever see what you're doing.

At close up it looks quite nice and I'm sure that the result will be gorgeous, but it's so hard to work.


PS. And – by the way – the photo does not do the colour justice.

lördag 1 januari 2011

Raggi all over

Close-up on the handwarmers
Dear daughter S has been home for Christmas from her school in Northern Sweden. It has been cold here, but there it's freezing, and that so much longer than here in the south. So when she asked for a Leafie beanie I went out and bought some dark grey Raggi (grafitgrå) and got to it. When the beanie was ready, I followed up with a big collar and some handwarmers and now she's good to go back there and face the exams and the cold.

Close-up on the collar
Leaf pattern
Beanie, collar, handwarmers...
...and a fire is the way to study!