lördag 8 oktober 2011

Big white cowl coming up

I just started knitting a big white fluffy cowl for DDA. Gull wings on the sides and a cable in the middle. Winter white Drops Andes.


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söndag 2 oktober 2011

Little grey purse

When I visited Stoff och stil for the first time I bought a small purse frame along with all the other stuff that just happened to end up on my receipt. I have never made anything like this before so I tried to find some good tutorials, but most of them were about glueing the bag into the frame, and as I did not have any fancy textile glue, I ended up sewing the fabric to the frame.

Here is the result.

It looks quite neat from the outside and the stitches ended up quite nice. From the outside that is.

On the inside, the stitches show a bit too much...

... but the nice polka dotted and flowery lining pretty much takes your mind off those little errors.


Spinach socks for DS

DSs socks are coming along. They are of a spinach/creamy color and when we went to Umeå last weekend I forgot to bring another ball of yarn, so I just had to get another cable from the lovely little yarn store just next to the hotel and begin to knit another pair.

(The colouring is not quite right in the photo, sis!)

The store, Perssons Garn Eftr, was perfect. Small, yet roomy, with lots of different kinds of yarn and reasonable prices. I am sure I will return there next time I am in Umeå.