lördag 27 oktober 2012

Fair Isle Shawl – in the round

Following the brilliant idea of Pinneguri I am now knitting a fair isle shawl in the round. This way you avoid the nuisance of color knitting the purl side.  Since I was quite happy with the edging of Kotten's blanket my plan is to make a similar edging on the shawl.
I am knitting a checked pattern, and some stars. But most of the shawl will be checked. 

lördag 20 oktober 2012

Kotten blanket, finished

We went to see our daughter, son-in-law and dear dear grand daughter E this morning for some coffee. Lovely! While sitting there chatting I managed to get a lot of work done on the Kotten blanket, that I prepare for our next grandchild, the cousin of E, who hasn't arrived yet. And tonight I finished it. 
Here it is. The roses are from a sweater pattern that I found at Garnstudio, and the snow stars are also from Garnstudio, I think it was a sock pattern of some kind (Red. January 2014: I found it!), but I can't find it anymore.
I have used Drops Lima, offwhite (0100), light grey (9015) and dark grey (0519). Check out the price for this yarn right now. At least here in Sweden there is a sale on Drops Alpacka yarns, and I complemented my stash with some six or seven balls of Lima for 20 SEK/50 grams at Deisy Design in the center of Göteborg this friday.
No lining on this blanket, since all the threads on the back are interweaved.
The corners turned out quite all right and I also put the year in one corner. Too soon to put the date there, but Kotten, you may come now! Any day you think fit to be a good birthday.

Kotten's blanket update

Sewing the loose ends. Looks neat.


fredag 19 oktober 2012

Blanket for Kotten: Cutting and edging

So the fair isle part was done. It took some time, with the roses and all. Then I machine sewed twice on each side of the pattern and I cut in the middle. This cutting. Every time this is a little bit scary, even though I know it really is safe with the machine sewing and all. 
I have decided to make an edging that looks a bit like the one that Pinneguri made on this beautiful blanket. You have got to look at this blog, even though it is in Norwegian. Use Google translate! This lady is a pinneguru. I don't think my edging will be as nice as hers but I will try.

I have picked up stitches through the knitting some three stitches in, see the picture below. The edging is knitted with pins that are somewhat smaller than the rest of the blanket, three knits, three purls.
Of course the cut edge is not very beautiful, but I will fold it in and sew off nicely as soon as the knitting is done.
My first knitted blanket, I lined with cotton. But this time I wanted to take advantage of the nice wrong side of the knitting, where all the threads are weaved in due to my knitting european style with one thread in the left hand, and american style with the other thread in the other. No lining means a softer and more comfy blanket.
And this is how it will look on the right side. Hopefully.