torsdag 30 december 2010


I follow many craft bloggers and one of them is Life is a plate of cupcakes (although the blog is not entirely about crafts). Today she posted a link about a simply gorgeous shawl at Berniolles design, and I got hooked. (You get it? Hooked?)

I just have to re-post the link to this magnificent thing. Since the photo is not mine, I will not repost it, but do click on the link, please do!

Elegant grey capelet


lördag 25 december 2010

Blue Lund

Blue wool from Lund in the South of Sweden. Lace knitting.

Pale, pale, and lovely in the winter sun.

Pointy edge.

Wrap it around your neck. Enjoy!


lördag 11 december 2010

Christmas calendar give-away

As I have told you about before there is a give-away at my Christmas calendar blog. The blog is in Swedish, so it may be difficult to follow, but since the give-away is indeed a tingest, I will present it here at Tingestar.

It is a Reykjavik shawl with lace and a flimsy ending. Knitted in thin light grey wool, that I bought in Lund on the 1st of December. It is big enough to wear over your shoulders, but it is lovely to wrap around your neck on cold days.

Especially with a red sweater. And, as I said, this shawl may be yours if you join the lottery.


lördag 4 december 2010

Snowflakes waiting to be sent out

For Christmas greetings this year I have crocheted little snowflakes. I mixed carpenter's glue with water for starch – a suggestion I found on the internet – and I really hope they will come out as nice as I hope for.

One snowflake is red, an ugly duckling...

I will add a small greeting on a brown tag and attach it with a red and white parcel string.


fredag 3 december 2010

The Christmas Calendar give-away

There's a give-away contest going on on my Christmas Calendar blog. Here's a sneak peak of the beautiful wool that I will use for the prize.

When the hyacinths have flowers the project will be finished. Become a reader of the calendar blog and join the contest!


Dark grey mittens

Dark grey crocheted 100% wool mittens, awaiting felting.