fredag 31 augusti 2012

söndag 5 augusti 2012

Edit's slightly bigger blue cardigan

Dear grand daughter E has outgrown the brown cardigan I made for her this spring. So I made a bigger version. Enough to last for the winter, I presume. Though she might need something in wool as well, I think.
There are some small differences. Both the body and the arms end with ribbed knitting. But the yarn is Drops Paris, just as the brown one.
The raglan is thinner, with only one stitch in between.
The buttons are from Strikk.


Kotten blanket

Another grandchild is coming this autumn; this time it is DDJ who is expecting. Another blanket is needed. Granddaughter E got this.

I have bought Lima yarn from Drops, in white and two shades of grey, and now I am trying out a pattern with roses, from a sweater at Garnstudios homepage. I searched for brokad and found a bunch of 80's to early 90's sweaters. Too much for an entire sweater today, if you ask me, but, lovely as an edging for the baby blanket.


Karin shawl

When I was at Carl Larssongården recently (if you are in Sweden, do visit there) I saw a red shawl with a pompom edging. Very nice. Probably one of Karin Larssons ideas, she was an artist that turned from painting to textile when she married. Lucky us!
When I finished the book The Night Circus, I knew that I had to knit a bright red scarf, and the memory of the visit to the Larsson home the week before came to my mind. I bought some Finullgarn at Strikk, and here I go.

I don't know why my iPhone refuses the color red, but it always come up blurry and messy. But anyhow. you get the idea. I knit the shawl from left to right. I have five balls of yarn and I will use four of them for the shawl, and one for the many, many small pompoms.