söndag 5 augusti 2012

Karin shawl

When I was at Carl Larssongården recently (if you are in Sweden, do visit there) I saw a red shawl with a pompom edging. Very nice. Probably one of Karin Larssons ideas, she was an artist that turned from painting to textile when she married. Lucky us!
When I finished the book The Night Circus, I knew that I had to knit a bright red scarf, and the memory of the visit to the Larsson home the week before came to my mind. I bought some Finullgarn at Strikk, and here I go.

I don't know why my iPhone refuses the color red, but it always come up blurry and messy. But anyhow. you get the idea. I knit the shawl from left to right. I have five balls of yarn and I will use four of them for the shawl, and one for the many, many small pompoms.


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