fredag 10 maj 2013

Pastel wool scarf for MIL

My dear mother in law has a severe back ache, and last week-end at a family reunion she said that the scarf that she already owns is a bit too short and also a bit worn out, and would it be possible that I who knit so many shawls...

You bet.

There's a huge sale on wool at Deisy Design right now. All the wool alpaca qualities I love. So I went there, bought far too much yarn (Drops Lima), and headed off.

Instead of making a triangular shawl I decided to go for a semi circular. Oddly enough, increasing 4 every other row gives a 3/4 circular one. That's maths for you.

Anyhow, I really like the 3/4 design. It will fit snugly around her shoulders and do the trick for the back ache .
Since this is a shawl to keep someone warm, lace wasn't an option. I chose four colours: Lilac (4311) as the most dominant (That's really her colour!) and off-white (0100) as the bottom colour. The pink (3112) and the soft grey (0500) are accent colours.
As you can see, the striping makes the shawl super stretchy.
The bottom colour is almost only seen when you stretch it out.
And the back looks nice too. I really like the way garter stitch looks at the back of a project.


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