torsdag 9 maj 2013

Purple cardigan for Kotten

At last I have managed to finish a bigger (well...) project with yarn from Søstrene Grene. I tend to buy that yarn in different colours and then just stash it.
 This is the wonderful color that I bought when I was at a network meeting in København a couple of weeks ago.
And this is the knit3purl3 sweater I knitted for Kotten, my second grand-daughter. I have already made two of these for her older cousin. For these I used Drops Paris, but Søstrene's yarn workes very well too, when I used two strands of yarn.

The cardigan is the size of a 6–12 months baby, and I used about 250 g. Maybe a little more.
I put the striped buttons (from Panduro) in different directions, just for fun.
This time I made the arms less wide.


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