onsdag 13 februari 2013

Thistle mittens – getting over the obstacles

The first mittens I made from the Finullgarn, the star mittens, had the thumbs far too low. There was enough room at the top of the hands to store thinks. Like small buns or a couple of chestnuts or the likes.

As you can see from the grey horisontal stripe on the right mitten in the picture below, I made the same mistake on the first  one of the Thistle mittens. (Yeah the right one came out all wrong, funny, funny!) But in conference with my eldest daughter, I decided to go out on a limb and... cut a hole higher up, where the thumb should have been in the first place. (And when I knitted the second one, I made sure the hole was in the right place, see the mitten to the left.)
Of course I didn't just cut a hole.

I entered the pins in the stitches above and under the row where I wanted the hole. Then I carefully cut the threads, both the white and the grey, in the middle and drew them out, one stitch at the time. When I got to the ends on both sides, I turned the mitten inside out, and sewed them in very thoroughly.

And it worked. As you can see.

But I don't want to do that again. Really.

I will keep these mittens for myself. They are so pretty, but I have made so many mistakes with the fair isle pattern, that I don't want to give them away.


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Lina sa...

klart du skall behålla dem. det är riktigt fina mamma-vantar <3 snyggt jobbat med tummen!