söndag 20 januari 2013

Star mittens – finished!

Faire Isle knitting should look as nice on the inside as on the outside. You should be able to see the stars on the wrong side of the knitting, and you do, don't you?
Also the thumb differs from the original pattern.
And here they are. Finished. Fluffed on the inside (nailbrush!) and slightly damped and ironed on the outside. Now, the question is whether it is my dear sister or my dear eldest daughter that needs them the most.
I have already started planning the next pair. With my own pattern of thistles! And this pair costed me less than 75 SEK in yarn. Neat!


3 kommentarer:

Marit J sa...

Fair Isle? I Norge heter disse "selbuvotter", etter bygda Selbu, litt sør for Trondheim. :)

Maia sa...

Heter alla flerfärgsstickade vantar Selbuvotter, Marit? Fair Isle är ett av de engelska namnen på flerfärgsstickning, så jag valde det. Men det känns lite konstigt. Det håller jag med om!

Lina sa...

De ÄR så fina!!!