lördag 16 oktober 2010

Hup, hup Oransje!

The Swedish football (soccer) team did not do well against the Netherlands in the qualification to the European cup – or whatever – this Wednesday, but as the Netherlands did a very good game I'd like to present the Oransje scarf.

The scarf is in a soft mohair wool that I bought a long, long time ago, so this is part of my stash project. The lace ending is from another quality of wool, and a bit flimsy, but suits well with the softness of the mohair.
My model, A, would never ever wear one of these scarves for real, because she seems to be allergic to any kind of wool. She even gets rash from the woollen neck strap that she has got for her alto saxophone. She had to cut out a small cotton patch to protect the skin while she is playing!

Now, this scarf is going to be on the market! I am going to sell it and give the money to the girl's 90/99 football (soccer) team of Kållered's Sports Club (KSK). Stay posted!


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