måndag 18 oktober 2010

Hélène de Troie

Helen of Troy. The beautiful.

It was actually a really beautiful woman named Helena that inspired me to crochet this sideways pineapple shawl. At a parent's meeting, she saw one of my big crocheted pineapple shawls and talked about not being able to make one for herself. Well, I said, I can make one for the class bazaar in December.

And here it is. Hélène de Troie. I made it in some heavy Egyptian cotton that I had in my stash and it came out just nice for a little wrap.

This little shawl will be the price of a lottery at the Montessori Bazaar in December at Brattåsskolan, Kållered. Isn't it lovely?

Update 2010-11-25: And – believe it or not – it was indeed Helena who won the shawl. Amazing!


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