lördag 24 augusti 2013

The anatomy of an Icelandic sweater, 0.1

Since I've been to Iceland a couple of times I have been thinking about the anatomy of the Icelandic sweaters made from their wonderful lopi 'wool'. There must be some way to knit these without a pattern.

So... I have been trying to figure out the anatomy of the Icelandic sweater.

To make a top-down sweater I figured out that I needed to add 16 stitches every other round. So I started with 16 dark grey triangles and added a stitch in between them (light grey) every other row, at the same row I made the dark gray triangles narrower by substituting gray stitches by a light gray.

Easy to understand? No. But easy to knit. I'll try to make a more comprehensive description later.
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