lördag 15 september 2012

Testing: Angel's wings vest

I got the opportunity to test knit the Angel's Wings vest from Kyrkkaffe. So I grabbed some Drops Alaska and got to work. Here's the result. BTW, the pattern worked as a charm!
The name Angel's Wings comes from those bookmark angels with just a head and the wings under it. Just look how the yoke looks like the wings of an angel.

I used some left over yarn that I had in my stash and 4,5 needles. The finished vest weighs 103 g all in all, but I think I made it somewhat longer than the pattern said. Just checked. Yes, I did. 2 centimeters longer. So 100 g Alaska with needles 4,5 will work fine, just as the Falkgarn Sport and needles 5 that the pattern suggests.

In the original pattern, there was thin crocheted chain, that you tied into a pretty bow, but I really wanted a button, and found one among those that my mother-in-law and her relatives had left in the house at Donsö in the Göteborg archipelago, and that now are mine. It is so precious to have access to a treasure like that.
This is how the button hole looks from behind:
One important thing with the finishing off a garter stitch (Swedish 'rätstickning') is that you need to bind off from the right side, but using the purl stitch. That way you prevent the "chainy" stockinette bind off to show on the right side.

See how great it looks below:

I really liked this pattern. As you know, I am NOT a fan of patterns, but this was neatly put. 

I would really like to try this pattern out for a little dress or a tunic.


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Anna sa...

Vad fin den blev!
Klänning låter roligt. Här är en som har stickat ihop Treochenhalvtimmesbvästen under oket och gjort den till en slipover: http://bluewhiskey.blogg.se/2011/february/5-timmarskoftan35-timmes-vasten-blir-troja.html
Så om du börjar sticka runt, runt när det rätstickade partiet tar slut, och fortsätter öka fast i lägre takt ... då borde det kunna bli en finfin klänning eller hur?
Många hälsningar från


Maia sa...

En får tacke! Det var ju mönstret som var bra. Jag tänkte just det där med att börja sticka runt efter oket. Vi får se.

Slipover låter ju fint också.

En sak som jag verkligen är sugen på är att sticka en med ett riktigt fluffigt vitt garn i oket. Som riktiga vingar... Fast när skulle den användas? I ett julspel, kanske.