söndag 12 februari 2012

Latvian Garden blanket finished – and she is here!

My grand-daughter did actually outrun me. She arrived this Tuesday, one week in advance. Luckily the weather is cold so the happy parents have not even thought of bringing her out for a stroll in the carriage, and I could finish the blanket after a work-week that actually took the breath out of me.

Her name begins with an E, so I put her initials at the bottom.

So, last weekend I steeked. Machine steeking. Since it is a super wash wool I found out this was the best way to go. Then I lined with cotton, hand stitching the lining to the knitted blanket. And i finished off by securing the lining with some stitches all around the edges. 

When I met DGD for the first time, some 13, 14 hours after she was born, she had a sock hat on her head. They use adult size socks for hats for the newborns, and that's really smart. They fit perfectly and you can make them bigger and smaller, narrower and wider. When I got home I made two new sock beanies for her.

Today we are going to deliver blanket and beanies and – hopefully – meet with DGD to see her eyes for the first time.

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