söndag 5 september 2010

Röda vinbär – Red currants

Another scarf, same yarn, but this time with a slightly different trimming. 
This time the edging is a bit broader and also flatter and pointier, red currants seemed a fitting name to me. 
The trimming of the Cup scarf – Red gooseberries – is flimsier and fits well with the Swedish word for gooseberries, krusbär. Krusig means 'frizzly, crinkly'.
On the top Red currants, on the bottom Red gooseberries.
The nuance is a dark burgundy that warms up in the sunlight, so the colouring on the last photo is really not accurate. My iPhone camera doing a bad job again...


2 kommentarer:

Julia Andréasson sa...

"gillar" ...fanns ingen knapp

Maia sa...

Du får väl "gilla" det på Facebook då! ;-)